Resolving your divorce or custody case with mediation versus litigation is a wonderful and rewarding option. As your mediator, Emma K. Bungard, would act as a neutral person whose role is to help you and your spouse work together to come to your own agreement on the issues surrounding your divorce or custody case. In this role, Ms. Bungard does not act as an attorney for either party or render legal advice but rather acts as a neutral third party.

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Mediation has many benefits and allows you and your spouse to keep control over the outcome of your case. In mediation you aren’t handing over the decision making to a Judge who knows very little about you, your spouse, your family and your needs and concerns but instead making the decisions yourselves. Litigation can be an expensive, long and emotionally draining experience. Mediation allows for a quicker result and is less financially and emotionally costly. It is a difficult thing to move from relating to each other as spouses to relating to each other as co-parents and resolving your case through mediation facilitates a more harmonious process that leaves the family healthier and happier.

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